The route starts half a mile west of the Lordstones Café but 20 metres to the west of Raisdale Road 523030. The route follows the old Miners Trod across Carlton Bank in a general south westerly direction. This is a well-established route over many years and is the alternative Lyke Wake Race route at this point. You then reach the wood corner at 515023. Proceed now for approximately two and a half Kilometres along the outside of the wood/wall. You are now at ‘Bank Lane’ moor gate, 499016 [CP1].

Descend through the wood until you meet the main track in the wood (approx. 400metres.) Stay in the wood heading SW until you reach the bottom of ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ ( or ‘The Devil’s Staircase', depending on your persuasion or demeanour) at 495013 [CP2].

 Now follow The Cleveland Way along the ridge path to the Trig. at 519026 [CP3]. You may now descend on any acceptable route to the start/finish point. If it’s misty athletes tend to reach the finish marshall from every direction so get your compass bearing from the trig ready!