This route is very like a mini ‘Wainstones Race .‘  Registration will be in the main Clay Bank Car Park 572036. The start is at a forest gate situated to the west of B1257 just north of the car park. 571037.The race sets off uphill, ( well there’s a surprise) in a SE direction to the point where it meets the steps at 572034 [CP1].

At this point the route turns in a westerly direction following the top of the wood along the wood edge. This continues for about 3 Kilometres until the wood finishes at [CP2] 546035. Here you now head in a southerly direction for about 100M. until you reach The Cleveland Way (TCW). Now follow TCW in an easterly direction up to the spot height of 402m [CP3.] on Cold Moor then descend to Garfit Gap. Next ascend Wainstones [CP4] following TCW.

Once on the top you will need to proceed to the top of Whitehill [CP5]. Just beyond this there is an optional descent returning to the gate or you may wish to follow the more leisurely descent further on. Whichever option you choose you must revisit [CP1] before returning to the Start/Finish area.