This is a long established summer fete race, which we have adjusted with the agreement of the parish council to make it a little more challenging.

The start is at The Black Horse Public House in Swainby (477021). Parking at the rear of the pub! Start outside the Pub and head north, cross the bridge and head in a westerly direction along the minor road until it reaches Back Lane when you turn in a general southerly direction and follow this lane to itís junction with Coalmire Lane at 474005. Shortly after the junction the route leaves the road to avoid the dangerous road bend, but soon rejoins it.
The route now heads in a SW. direction to the Cattle Grid at 473003 and follows Coalmire Lane South for approx. 350metres to [CP1].

You now ascend on an obvious path which is always marked on the day of the race. This leaves the road at 472000 and ascends through the old quarry area to the wood corner at 474001. The route now follows the outside of the wood staying between wall and wall or fence and wall for two kilometres until this path reaches [CP2] at 488996. This is at a minor path junction approx 180m before the main path junction which allows you to cut the corner. On reaching this point head NE downhill to the main track then NW into the wood following the main trail descending to path junction 481008 [CP3]. (This is a downhill mile - worth timing yourself for a PB!)

Turn E and follow  the CW to 489002 [CP3] then head NE across the pasture to the Ford in Scugdale Beck at 492004. Now follow the farm road past Hollin Hill to the Telephone Box at Huthwaite Green. Continue to follow The CW to the foot of Jacobís Ladder 493012. At this point leave The Cleveland Way and cross the rough pasture to join the footpath just south of Perish Crook at 492015.
Your route is now very straightforward as you follow the wide footpath passing to the east of Whorlton House. You now progress down Whorlton Lane passing through Whorlton to [CP5] at 484024.

The finish is now at the rear of The Black Horse Pub accessed via the playing fields.