Guisborough Woods Race           27th Dec 2000
Mandale Reproductions – Northern Runner
Pos. Name Club


Cat-pts /Cum.

01,  P.Lowe Mandale 39.00 S50/50
02. K.Sheppard Tipton 39.12 S48/48
03. C.Stead Saltwell 40.00 S46/96
04. M.Burn Thirsk & Sow. 40.32 S45/90
05. A.Capel Knavesmire 40.43 S44/44
06. F.Smith Saltwell 40.50 V50/50
07. R.Burn Thirsk & Sow. 41.00 V48/93
08. J.Dickenson Tynedale 41.31 V46/92
09. I.Ellmore Scarborough 41.40 V45/137
10. A.Bissell Knavesmire 42.05 S43/89
11.A.Normandale Nestle 42.11 V44/44
12. P.Wilkin Mandale 42.25 V43/43
13. J.Blackett Mandale 42.38 S42/90
14. K.Carter Mandale 42.43 V42/131
15. S.Kelly Ashford 43.10 S41/41
16. A.Hardy Cleve. Fire B. 43.40 S40/40
17. G.Burnip Mandale 43.50 S39/82
17= A.Harland Mandale 43.50 S39/39
19. P.Kelly Darlington 44.26 V41/78
20. A.McDowell Mandale 44.28 S38/38
21. D.Collett Mandale 44.36 V40/80
22. R.Pollard Mandale 44.37 V39/121
23. N.Strange Knavesmire 44.52 V38/38
24. J.Winder Scarborough 45.43 VV50/100
25. J.Smith Saltwell 45.58 S37/37
26. M.Willis Ind. 46.03 S36/73
27. J.Hutchinson Quakers 46.22 S35/64
28. A.Smith Ind. 46.40 S34/34
29. J.Price CMC 46.47 V37/67
30. J.Lee Rich. & Zet. 46.53 S33/67
31. B.Atkinson Knavesmire 47.10 V36/73
32. S.Honeyman Mandale 47.26 V35/64
33. A.RAW Darlington 47.52 F50/100
34. S.Archbold Quakers 48.18 S32/67
35. J.Barwick Ind. 48.22 V34/34
36. D.Fielden Mandale 48.23 S31/31
37. A.Wilson Ind. 48.27 S30/30
38. C.White H’Pool BR. 49.27 VV48/48
39. T.Adams Ind. 49.51 S29/62
40. G.Houghton Calder Valley 50.07 VV46/140
41. K.WHITE Quakers 50.17 F48/144
42. J.Thompson NSP. 50.58 S28/28
43. J.Feavers Nestle 51.10 S27/67
44. I.Povey New Marske 51.38 S26/26
45. R.Sherwood New Marske 51.39 VVV50/100
46. P.Mullarkey Saltwell 51.45 V33/33
47. M.Cortvriend Macclesfield 51.46 V32/32
48. A.Wikeley Thirsk & Sow. 51.51 VV45/90
49. C.Smith Eccleshill 51.59 S25/25
50. J.Barraclough Ind. 52.04 VV44/44
51. M.O’Brien Low Fell 52.14 VV43/43
52. P.Buckworth Ind. 52.22 S24/24
53. M.Shaw Mandale 52.47 VV42/86
54. A.Cowell Ind. 53.08 S23/23
55. H.Manuel Quakers. 53.09 V31/53
56. D.Plews Ind. 53.26 VV41/126
57. P.Fahey Elvet 53.33 V30/77
58. D.Grimwood New Marske 53.41 VV40/40
59. J.Hall New Marske 53.42 S22/22
60. G.Huggan Knavesmire 54.00 S21/21
61. P.Kitson Mandale 54.04 S20/20
62. P.Haydon Ind. 55.06 S19/19
63. Keith Shevells Quakers 55.13 V29/33
64. W.Bramley Quakers 55.20 V28/28
65. G.Watson Durham City 55.37 S18/46
66. M.GIBBS Thirsk & Sow. 56.34 VVV50/100
67. D.Parke Scarborough 56.40 VV39/73
68. K.Bell SOC. 57.27 V27/45
69. S.Smedley Quakers 58.30 V26/26
70. S.JEMSON New Marske 59.05 FVV50/100
71. D.England Quakers 59.31 V25/36
72. J.Cutting Ind. 59.35 V24/45
73. C.Scollay New Marske 62.22 VV38/38
74. C.Worrall Ind. 62.26 S17/40
75. D.Thompson SOC. 63.14 VV37/68
76. C.Bayes Scarborough 63.42 VV36/65
77. D.Connolly NEVAC 65.10 V23/42
78. Kevan Shevells Quakers 67.59 V22/47
D. Readman  New Marske 1.Lap.
K.Maynard Quakers 2 Laps.
Junior Races.

1. L.Kelton Quakers 14.56 N30
2. C.Maynard Quakers 16.50 I30
3. P.McNally Mandale 17.07 I28
4. K.Shaw Mandale 18.05 N28
5. B.Henderson Morpeth 21.19 N26
6.L.Harland Mandale 25.04 N25
7. P.Waller Mandale 25.40 N24
8. G.Harland Mandale 39.10 N23
1. H.Bruce Mandale 22.10 N30
2. G.Bramley Quakers 25.20 I30
Team Results Main Race:-
Mandale ‘A’ 40 points.   2. Knavesmire  69 pts.   3. Mandale ‘B’ 76pts.  4. Saltwell  80pts. 
5.    Thirsk  137pts.    6. Mandale ‘C’ 143pts.   7.  Scarborough  176pts.    8. Quakers ‘A’  188pts.
New Marske  208pts.   10.  Quakers ‘B’ 296pts. 
No female teams completed this event.
Cumulative Men’s Teams:-
Mandale’A’ 30pts.   2. Mandale ‘B’ 23pts.  3. Quakers ‘A’ 17pts.  3= Thirsk & Sow. 17pts.
Mandale ‘C’ 13pts.  6. Scarborough 9pts.  6=. Knavesmire 9pts.   8=  New Maeske 7pts.
8=    Tynedale  7pts.   8=  Skyrac. 7pts.   8=  Saltwell  7pts.  12. Nestle 5pts.   13. East Hull 4pts.
14. Ireland 3pts. 15. Quakers’B’ 1pt.
Women:-  1. Quakers 19pts. 2. New Marske 10pts. 3. Thirsk & Sow. 9pts.

Believe it or not the ‘winter wonderland’ setting of snow and ice was an improvement in running conditions. I heard a lot of remarks at the event how the going was slow (true) but I must point out that in the previous week the going was extremely muddy, so much so that you would have had to opt to duck and dive through the trees in the top section or progress through mud which was well over ankle deep and paddle across wet areas often 30 metres long in flood water! The usual few fallen trees made life interesting. What we didn’t anticipate was a group of 100 walkers who had little awareness of runners and were only intent on socialising. I’ll just recount one incident. One of the walkers had slipped over on the early descent down Belmangate Bank the others crowded round blocking the wide path as runners rounded a corner of an icy descent they had to use walkers backs to brake and jump over the inert obstacle. On being asked to keep a way open it just seemed beyond their comprehension!
In the race itself it proved to be one of the most competitive for many years. Charles Stead led for the first two laps hotly pursued by Paul Lowe and Kevin Sheppard. There was little between them until the third lap when Charles was overtaken by both his pursuers on the quarry section. Paul then stretched out a winning margin very gradually over the last half lap. I’m only too pleased that the walkers did not arrive until half way down the field on the last lap! This was Paul’s fifth win in this event and I believe that if I consult my archives I will find that both the first two have won the junior race.
In the women’s event it was a battling first lap between Alison Raw and Kendra White with little between them. Alison moved ahead on the second lap particularly after the quarry climb. Alison eventually came home a comfortable winner. Kendra has done extremely well recently in the ultra distance events beating many of the men who were ahead of her today.
In the Junior Races Luke Kelton demonstrated his excellent ability on the hills winning by a comfortable margin. This confirms him as North East Hill Running Champion in the ‘Novice’ age group. This performance saw him finish ahead of The Intermediate Champion Paul McNally and Silver medalist Chris. Maynard.
Silver medal in the novice category goes to Kristian Shaw with the Bronze being gained by Ben Henderson.
Hannah Bruce of Mandale ran an excellent race to show her potential winning the Junior women’s race by a clear margin from Gemma Bramley the North East Intermediate Hill Running Champion. Congratulations to Gemma particularly for her overall performance this year which now includes North East medals in two throwing events and a Hill Running Championship. She may well be a future heptathlete! Well done Gemma.

Best Wishes

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