N.B. The race since 2002 uses a slightly DIFFERENT route to the one outlined below.

The most difficult thing about setting yourself up for this race is that it is on two O.S. maps The registration is at the Eskdale Hotel. This is situated near to the cricket field at Castleton and next to the station. 684084. The start is to the North of the railway line on the Ďmainí road. It sets off easterly to Park Nook and follows the Public Footpath East through the upper part of Danby Park Wood. Virtually as soon as you reach the gate that marks the exit to the wood at 694086 you take a NE route on a well used footpath up to the wall corner at 697087 You now follow the main footpath uphill to the west of the enclosure wall for about 400M. You now head due North leaving the Public Right of Way and follow a permissive footpath that will take you round the outside of enclosures to 699093. At this point you head due east on a well used path not marked on OUSE. for 200M before taking a line that will cross Ewe Crag Beck at 703094. (A crossing that is always well marked on race day.) Now follow the stone wall around woodland and enclosure in a general NE direction to pick up The Panniermanís Causeway Path to the North of Rosedale Intake This will bring you to the road at Clitherbeck 711100 [CP1.]

You now need to cross the road carefully so that you can head north along a wide verge for about 300M until you come to a white fence that is really a small bridge over Black Beck. As soon as you cross turn NE and run along the edge of the wall until you reach the public footpath that takes you round Clither Beck Farm. After a while you come back to Panniermanís Causeway. Do not follow this path but continue round the outside of the farm fence heading in a more ESE direction until you reach 717102.[CP2.] You now follow a wide track across Castleton Pits. (After you have changed maps.)  This track will bring you to the road above Poverty Hill at 725087.

 (The old full route headed up the road to Beacon Hill at 737093 [CP3] and then  after touching the cairn you had to retrace your steps to 725087)

The current route does NOT visit the Beacon but turns right at the road for 200M until it picks up a small footpath that will take you to the wall corner at 725088. Follow the line of the wall directly East for a little short of a Kilometer when you will swing to cross a footbridge across Black Beck at 718089.[CP4.]  Now head NE past the Weir to a second footbridge at 719092. You now head in a general northerly direction to return to 717102 [CP5.] on the corner of the fence at the North Eastern end of Clither Beck Farm enclosure. Now retrace your steps to Danby Park Wood gate at 694086,[CP6.] As you enter the wood take the lower path through the wood and then follow the fence/ wall line to Park Nook and the finish just before the road and station. You are now within 100M of The Eskdale Hotel where refreshments and presentation usually take place.