Registration is in Clay Bank Car Park. 572036. The start is to the south of the car park area and to the east of B1257. Go through the gate following the Cleveland Way. After about 300M. you come to a wider level area at 574033, which is the start. (Due to some problems the finish will no longer be here a matter I will deal with later).

You ascend the the path which heads east then SE through the cliff like path of The CW. On reaching Carr Ridge you branch right to follow the path that runs next to the ‘Earthworks’ in a general southerly direction to 582021 where you cross the ravine like Cast Beck. The path now follows the scarp slope in a westerly direction before swinging SW, then South to the path junction just below Medd Crag 573009 [CP1.]

You now follow a track which heads in a NE direction before becoming a wider landrover track with shooting butts on either side, heading towards Round Hill the highest point on The North Yorks. Moors. On reaching the Cleveland Way path you will need to cross this to run on a narrow path to the cairn 594016 [CP2].

On reaching the top of Round Hill you will need to retrace your steps back to The Cleveland Way. Once there you head in a NW direction on this wide landrover track. After about one and a quarter kilometres you reach a path junction at 586023 where you need to head NE and then North down Jacksons Bank through a gate into Greenhow Plantation 587025 [CP3].

On reaching the first forest path you will need to head in a NW. direction passing Surprise View at 578033. Proceed to the finish which is at a style just to the south of Clay Bank Car Park 573034.