Fell Race Routes in the Cleveland Area
 Records for these races can now be found here.
   Name   Distance1 (miles) 

 Climb2 (ft) 

Blakey Blitz 9.5 2370 ft
2 Captain Cook’s New Years Day 5.0 885 ft (940ft am)
3 Carlton Challenge 4.8 860 ft
4 Castleton / Danby Beacon 8.0 (2006) ?
5 Clay Bank East 5.8 870 ft
6 Clay Bank West 4.2 1020 ft
7 Cleveland Way Relay 108 lots
8 Cock Howe Up and Down 2.7 755 ft
9 Commondale Clart / Crossing 5.5 600 ft
10 Cock Howe and Beyond 6.1 (5.75 GPS) 1130 ft (1280 ft GPS)
11 Eskdale Eureka 10.1 1610 ft
12 Eston Nab Nee Nocker 5.0 900 ft
1075ft(am) via Nab 
13 Fox And Hounds Chase 8.8 (8.7) 1550ft (1430ft)
14 Gisborough Moors 12.3 (12.5) 2200 (2300 ft)
15 Gribdale Gallop 7.5 1340 ft
16 Guiisborough Gallump 7.7  
17 Guisborough Grunt 6.1 975 ft
18 Guisborough Three Tops 8.7 1800 ft
19 Guisborough Uphill Mile 1.0 500 ft
20 Guisborough Woods Hill Race 5.9 1230 ft
21 Lackenby Limp 5.2  
22 Langdale End 6.0 1240 ft
23 Lordstones (medium) 7.2 2330 ft
24 Lordstones / Wainstones (full) 11.6  
25 Maybeck Three Crosses 7 ? 650 ft?
26 Osmotherley Phoenix 17/26/30 ?
27 Ossy Oiks 8.3 (GPS) 1186 ft (GPS)
28 Pinchinthorpe Plod    
(via L.Roseberry)
6.2 1150 ft
29 Raincliffe Woods    
30 Roseberry Topping 1.5 720 ft
31 Saltergate Gallows 8.5

975 ft

32 Sutton Bank Slither 5.7  
33 White Horse Wander  

1170 ft (am)

34 Whorlton Run 7.2

1080 ft / (1000 ft am)


1) The distance and climb measurements are my own and are for personal use only e.g. your log book. They are not meant to replace official values or be used to re categorise a race! 
2) Distances have been measured using digital mapping info, mountain bike, GPS or map measurer and may differ slightly from 'official' values. The distances quoted are for the most recent run variation of the course (classic routes in brackets). 
3) Climbs have been measured by using either digital mapping info, counting contours, altimeter (am)  or GPS - thanks go Paul Figg and Cath Worth for these.



I have written these notes and produced some sketch maps of races that may be undertaken in The Cleveland Hills. These may be done by a runner or jogger, provided they have a reasonable awareness of what the terrain demands of them. I once had a conversation with a national running coach who insisted that fell or hill running required exactly the same skills as cross country running! I would have thought that for anyone who has little or no experience of this sort of event the best thing to do is to close the hole below your nose and exercise those two receptors located on either side of your eyes. For example navigational and survival skills are essential to complete some courses in a state of well being!

Anyway back to the present notes; it is important for each competitor to be properly equipped, aware of the route’s requirements and be fit enough to complete  the course without too much suffering. It is well known that all runners are masochists, hence their little anecdotes like ‘no gain without pain.’ The main reason for producing these notes is however to give information to those who wish to enjoy the Cleveland Hills through hill running competitions.

I would also like to acknowledge the kindness of many landowners, too numerous to mention, who tolerate us for the day and even welcome us as well. You often find that farmers will move livestock for the day or weekend or even build a new style. We are extremely grateful for all levels of support and cooperation that we receive.

NB. These are the standard routes but variation may occur due to particular circumstances on the day of the race; e.g. adverse weather conditions, problems with land access or motorbikes crossing!

Hope you enjoy some of these;  David Parry N.E.C.A.A. Fell Running Rep.

(Additional routes also supplied by Rob Pollard and Scarborough AC)

Blakey Blitz

After discussions with The National Parks the Blakey Blitz race route has had to be changed slightly in the section from Dale Head Farm to the start / finish.




 Captain Cook's New Year's Day Race  

Since 2001 the race has been run in the reverse direction of the route outlined below, because of barbed wire fencing along the side of the footpath to Rye Hill which makes the path too narrow for a mass start.

Registration/start and finish are at the Royal Oak Hotel in Great Ayton. The start is on the main road outside The Royal Oak. Unfortunately for many, a lot of people tend not to remember the start too well due to the previous nights excesses.

N.B. The current race route is the reverse of the one outlined below!

The race starts by going through the large metal gates at the corner of the High St and Station Road.  On passing through this area you now need to cross to join the main footpath which runs towards Rye Hill above Rye Hill Farm via The Railway line at 571112. Continue on this line until you reach Cliff Ridge Wood. As soon as you enter the woodland area head  almost SE until you reach the edge of the woodland . Here you need to cross the style and follow the line of the fence across the field in the same direction. This is a peculiar field as it is the site of the now disused Slack’s Quarry. There are therefore quarried areas that have been partially filled in, leading to an occasional collapse and the odd runner going missing. The route consequently has varied over this field. You will now meet the road that runs from Airy Holme Farm towards Undercliffe as you cross the style at 579113 and through to Dykes Lane at 577110.

On reaching Dikes Lane ascend in an Easterly the North Easterly direction until you reach Gribdale Terrace. Here you will go immediately through a gate almost before the terrace and run along the field edge to the east of the houses. At 590111 you turn in a southerly direction to ascend the west side of Cockshaw Hill until you reach a little pond. At this point you climb up through the quarried face to the south of the pond now heading in a SE direction to the field corner/path junction at 591106. Now you will need to follow the main ascent path to Captain Cook’s Monument via Little Ayton and Easby Moor. The monument is at 590101. This is the only Check Point on a partially marked but agreed route.

 You descend following the Public Right of Way first West then North West until you can descend on an increasingly steep track through Ayton Banks Wood. At this point there has been some variation in the route with minor deviation that is always well marked on the day ( even for those who by now are coming out of their drunken stupor!) You will pass through a gate at 584103 after which you descend for a further 80M in the same direction before turning to head NW along the fence line to a gate just below the wooded area beneath  Round Hill. Follow this muddy and rutted lane until you are almost back to Dikes Lane. Whilst you are still in Orchard Lane at 578108 turn to follow the farm road that goes SW to Brookside Farm and Little Ayton. This is a very fast and wide road/track and will bring you to Cross Lane corner at Little Ayton Ref. 569102. You now need to get rid of your fell shoes which were so essential when descending Ayton Banks and put on your road shoes! It might be interesting in situations like this to do a sort of triathlon, slick change of shoes. Unfortunately however I can remember that there has often been snow and ice on this road down to the finish . You now head in a NW. direction until you come back to Dikes Lane on past the Side entrance to the old Quaker’s School and round the Corner to finish in front of  The Royal Oak.. A good start to the year?


 Carlton Challenge

The route starts half a mile west of the Lordstones Café but 20 metres to the west of Raisdale Road 523030. The route follows the old Miners Trod across Carlton Bank in a general south westerly direction. This is a well-established route over many years and is the alternative Lyke Wake Race route at this point. You then reach the wood corner at 515023. Proceed now for approximately two and a half Kilometres along the outside of the wood/wall. You are now at ‘Bank Lane’ moor gate, 499016 [CP1].

Descend through the wood until you meet the main track in the wood (approx. 400metres.) Stay in the wood heading SW until you reach the bottom of ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ ( or ‘The Devil’s Staircase', depending on your persuasion or demeanour) at 495013 [CP2].

 Now follow The Cleveland Way along the ridge path to the Trig. at 519026 [CP3]. You may now descend on any acceptable route to the start/finish point. If it’s misty athletes tend to reach the finish marshall from every direction so get your compass bearing from the trig ready!


 Castleton - Danby (Beacon)                                        2006 map -------->

N.B. The race since 2002 (including 2006) used a slightly DIFFERENT route to the one outlined below.

The most difficult thing about setting yourself up for this race is that it is on two O.S. maps The registration is at the Eskdale Hotel. This is situated near to the cricket field at Castleton and next to the station. 684084. The start is to the North of the railway line on the ‘main’ road. It sets off easterly to Park Nook and follows the Public Footpath East through the upper part of Danby Park Wood. Virtually as soon as you reach the gate that marks the exit to the wood at 694086 you take a NE route on a well used footpath up to the wall corner at 697087 You now follow the main footpath uphill to the west of the enclosure wall for about 400M. You now head due North leaving the Public Right of Way and follow a permissive footpath that will take you round the outside of enclosures to 699093. At this point you head due east on a well used path not marked on O.S. for 200M before taking a line that will cross Ewe Crag Beck at 703094. (A crossing that is always well marked on race day.) Now follow the stone wall around woodland and enclosure in a general NE direction to pick up The Pannierman’s Causeway Path to the North of Rosedale Intake This will bring you to the road at Clitherbeck 711100 [CP1.]

You now need to cross the road carefully so that you can head north along a wide verge for about 300M until you come to a white fence that is really a small bridge over Black Beck. As soon as you cross turn NE and run along the edge of the wall until you reach the public footpath that takes you round Clither Beck Farm. After a while you come back to Pannierman’s Causeway. Do not follow this path but continue round the outside of the farm fence heading in a more ESE direction until you reach 717102.[CP2.] You now follow a wide track across Castleton Pits. (After you have changed maps.)  This track will bring you to the road above Poverty Hill at 725087.

 (The old full route headed up the road to Beacon Hill at 737093 [CP3] and then  after touching the cairn you had to retrace your steps to 725087)

The current route does NOT visit the Beacon but turns right at the road for 200M until it picks up a small footpath that will take you to the wall corner at 725088. Follow the line of the wall directly East for a little short of a Kilometer when you will swing to cross a footbridge across Black Beck at 718089.[CP4.]  Now head NE past the Weir to a second footbridge at 719092. You now head in a general northerly direction to return to 717102 [CP5.] on the corner of the fence at the North Eastern end of Clither Beck Farm enclosure. Now retrace yoursteps to Danby Park Wood gate at 694086,[CP6.] As you enter the wood take the lower path through the wood and then follow the fence/ wall line to Park Nook and the finish just before the road and station. You are now within 100M of The Eskdale Hotel where refreshments and presentation usually take place.


 Clay Bank East    

Registration is in Clay Bank Car Park. 572036. The start is to the south of the car park area and to the east of B1257. Go through the gate following the Cleveland Way. After about 300M. you come to a wider level area at 574033, which is the start. (Due to some problems the finish will no longer be here a matter I will deal with later).

You ascend the the path which heads east then SE through the cliff like path of The CW. On reaching Carr Ridge you branch right to follow the path that runs next to the ‘Earthworks’ in a general southerly direction to 582021 where you cross the ravine like Cast Beck. The path now follows the scarp slope in a westerly direction before swinging SW, then South to the path junction just below Medd Crag 573009 [CP1.]

You now follow a track which heads in a NE direction before becoming a wider landrover track with shooting butts on either side, heading towards Round Hill the highest point on The North Yorks. Moors. On reaching the Cleveland Way path you will need to cross this to run on a narrow path to the cairn 594016 [CP2].

On reaching the top of Round Hill you will need to retrace your steps back to The Cleveland Way. Once there you head in a NW direction on this wide landrover track. After about one and a quarter kilometres you reach a path junction at 586023 where you need to head NE and then North down Jacksons Bank through a gate into Greenhow Plantation 587025 [CP3].

On reaching the first forest path you will need to head in a NW. direction passing Surprise View at 578033. Proceed to the finish which is at a style just to the south of Clay Bank Car Park 573034.


 Clay Bank West                                                      

This route is very like a mini ‘Wainstones Race .‘  Registration will be in the main Clay Bank Car Park 572036. The start is at a forest gate situated to the west of B1257 just north of the car park. 571037.The race sets off uphill, ( well there’s a surprise) in a SE direction to the point where it meets the steps at 572034 [CP1].

At this point the route turns in a westerly direction following the top of the wood along the wood edge. This continues for about 3 Kilometres until the wood finishes at [CP2] 546035. Here you now head in a southerly direction for about 100M. until you reach The Cleveland Way (TCW). Now follow TCW in an easterly direction up to the spot height of 402m [CP3.] on Cold Moor then descend to Garfit Gap. Next ascend Wainstones [CP4] following TCW.

Once on the top you will need to proceed to the top of Whitehill [CP5]. Just beyond this there is an optional descent returning to the gate or you may wish to follow the more leisurely descent further on. Whichever option you choose you must revisit [CP1] before returning to the Start/Finish area.


 Cock Howe Up and Down (short route)

This is the second of the Cleveland short races. Slightly longer than ‘Roseberry’ but equally as old due to it’s professional origins. The start, registration and finish are at the Chop Gate Car Park 558993. This is a couple of miles south of Clay Bank Car Park on the B1257. The race starts with a clockwise loop of the car park to thin runners out as the opening section of hill is particularly narrow. The route follows a Public Footpath which is obvious and takes about the best line to Cock Howe 543983. There is a large cairn of stones at the top. Once you touch the cairn you return on the same route to the finish area. There is no lap of the car park at the finish


 Cock Howe and Beyond 

Follow the route to Cock Howe cairn 543983 (CP1) as in the short route above, then head SW to Head House at 534971 (CP2). From here head SE (passing through two gates and bearing left at fork junctions) to Meggy Mire at 545964 (CP3) then turn north back to Cock Howe cairn (543983) (CP1 & 4). Once you touch the cairn you return on the same route to the finish area. There is no lap of the car park at the finish.

 Commondale Clart / Crossing

The registration  (and start) will take place at The Cleveland Inn, Commondale (662104).

Check points:

Start 662 104
1) cairn 668 107
2) path / road junction 670 117
3) path junction 659 130
4) path junction 645 133
5) path junction 646 118
6) path junction 652 108
Finish 662 104

 Eskdale Eureka

Register in Eskdale Inn, Castleton, GR 684084

 Eston Nab Nee Nocker 

Park at Flatts Lane Visitors Centre (552168). The race starts approx 300m further up Flatts lane at the bottom of the 'Pig Bank' (554166). Run up the bank in a N.E. direction and turn right at the path junction after the top (559170) and head due East towards Pit top at 573173. Check point 1 ! (Note the left – right kink at 566170). From here head NW downhill for 50m then turn right heading north to Eston Nab at 568183. Check point 2!

At the Nab turn right, along the edge of a field then head downhill to the top of the wooden steps at 574186. Descend north down these steps (CARE!) to the old railway line at 574188. Cut straight across this line still descending to the path junction near "Golf Course Corner" at 575192 i.e.  check point 3! Tell the marshal here that he's doing a great job then take a sharp left along a path through the woods, following the edge of the field in a WSW direction for approx 3/4 mile to some wooden steps at 566187. Check point 4! Climb the steep steps in a southerly direction to the old railway line and mine entrance at 567185Check point 5!. (Hopefully your quads will be burning and your knees knocking by now). 

From here take ANY route you like (just to make it more interesting) back to the finish of the race at the TOP of the Pig Bank at 559170. There MAY be a marked route which heads SW up the hillside to the top track.


Rob Pollard


 Fox and Hounds Chase   

This route must be one of the most complicated to describe yet in reality there is only one area where you can get it badly wrong  and this occurs at about two thirds distance. The start/registration/finish area is at The Fox and Hounds Public House in Ainthorpe Village. The pub. itself is situated at the top of the village at 704077. This is an inn which has always actively sponsored and supported the event. The route sets off along the road before going across Ainthorpe Rigg.
It leaves the road at 706073 then follows a wide path to the Cross Dyke area where the path follows a well established footpath in a SW direction above Danby Rigg passing the trig point at 708059. 
You now pick up the Jack Sledge Road (Path) at 705052 [CP1] .  Once over the highest point you begin to descend towards Botton in a SW direction. You leave this path however at 701047 at the point where you have reached the beginning of a very steep descent. Instead you continue South on a permitted footpath until you come to the stream crossing at 702040. Here you meet the path heading NW from Wolf Pit.
Continue in a southerly direction turning south westerly as you descend slightly, crossing Old Hannah’s Nick. Stay reasonably high now so that you meet the contouring path at about 330metres. This section follows a line to the SE. of the scars that run along the edge of the most precipitous points i.e. 698036 to 695035. 
At this latter point there is another permitted path which continues south above the 350 metre contour until a point opposite the woods at Danby Head. Here the path falls away swinging SW until you cross a ravine at 692024 [CP2].

Climb out of the ravine and head in a NW direction at approximately the level of 350 metre contour line passing about 100metres to the NE of the two springs at 686025 and 684027. Follow a definite footpath to a point where you are directly west of Honey Bee Nest. At this point you head NE towards St. Helena to the top of a stream gulley at 684034. In 2003 descend the stream gulley to St. Helena then follow  the tarmac road.

(The 2000/2  route did not descend the gulley to St Helena. Instead it followed a taped track to the left which eventually descended back down to the tarmac road after approx 700 metres but it is too overgrown to use this year).

In 2003 follow this road north to a point where you cross the minor road above Stormy Hall on the Quaker’s Way. This path continues in a northerly direction. 

There will now be an extra manned checkpoint between checkpoints 2 and 3, approx 300 metres in from the Stormy Hall road.

You now follow this general line until you are directly opposite West Cliff Farm at 687051. Carry on contouring through the bracken, in a northerly direction to Crag House Farm.

(The 2000/2 route ascended gently towards the Castleton Rigg road from  a point opposite Plum Tree Farm at 687054. Here there is a path junction as it crosses a stream, where you continued to ascend to the road. You reached the road side where there was a marker stone indicating Stormy Hall is one mile. This route was used because certain runners were short cutting the corner and crossing the fields and jeopardizing the future of the race. The route then followed the road verge in a NW direction. The road itself is out of bounds! At 684059 (old CP3) you met a path which descended in a small gulley towards Crag House Farm. This route was approx 200m longer with approx. 120ft more climb).

For 2003 there will be a new checkpoint [CP3] at the gate to Crag House Farm. Go through the farm and continue to follow this road across the valley in an NNE direction. Keep heading east past the end of Toft’s Lane. You will pass the Church and the cemetery . You need the footpath that proceeds towards the moor to the east of the stone wall going through between Plum Tree House and North End Farm ( 703064). Once on this path follow the wall edge in a north easterly direction. This will cause you to ascend back onto the top of Ainthorpe Rigg meeting the path on which you started some 200 metres before the road that returns to The Fox and Hounds Pub. After the race you can tuck into Bob Lillie's famous Pie & Peas.....



 Gisborough Moors

Facts / History of the race

The usual route is clockwise but the race has been run anti-clockwise on a number of occasions. There has also been an extended route, missing out Roseberry Topping and adding a rear ascent of Captain Cooks and Hanging Stone. The first part of the route is slightly diffent to the original classic route (last used in 1999)

Current Route (used since 2001):

[S]. Guisborough Rugby Club 617155 (Start)
[1]. Gate at 616138
[2]. Percy Rigg 613113
[3]. Lonsdale Plantation Gate 606118
[4]. Coate Moor Plantation Entrance 605105
[5]. Captain Cook’s Monument 590101
[6]. Little Roseberry gate 588127
[7]. Roseberry Topping 579126
[8]. Little Roseberry 586128

[9]. Highcliff Nab 610138
[F]. GRUFC. 617155

The race starts on the Rugby Club field. It leaves this area via the road and ascends towards the hills on Belmangate. You now encounter a style once you are level with pasture. Carry on heading south until you reaching Guisborough Woods (622148) then climb over a 2nd style and take any route you like to the gate at 616138 [Checkpoint 1] . Go through this gate and follow the minor path south until it joins the main path at 615219. Continue south on the main path to the Sleddale farm entrance at 618120 where you are now back on the classic route so head SW at speed to Percy Cross Rigg Road 613113 [Checkpoint 2] .

At Percy Cross Rigg Road the new route (from 1999) turns right for about one Kilometre to the gate at 606118 [Checkpoint 3]. You now descend in a southerly direction to Lonsdale Farm. Here the road ascends to Pale End Plantation. At 605105 [Checkpoint 4] you head in a westerly direction towards Captain Cook’s Monument. Be careful that after about 400m you bear left on the footpath avoiding the wide forest trail.  At the Monument 590101 [Checkpoint 5] descend through the forestry on the main trackin a NNE direction. When you reach the car park area at Gribdale go across the road, slightly NE; and ascend the steps towards Great Ayton Moor.

Now follow the drystone wall and the fence boundary all the way to Little Roseberry Gate 588127 [Checkpoint 6]. On Roseberry Common you follow a left hand rule. Descend to Roseberry Col. on the main footpath and ascend Roseberry Topping via the ‘stone staircase’. You must touch the Trig. Point at the top 579126 [Checkpoint 7]. Return the way you came up for a very short distance, then follow a marked route that will run parallel to the ascent some short distance to the north. This will bring you through some of the old shale tippings and crosses several ascending paths. You now ascend the steepest part of Little Roseberry, (Roseberry nose) and run along it’s short ridge 586128 [Checkpoint 8] back to Little Roseberry Gate.

At this gate do not take the Hanging Stone path but a more easterly path across Newton Moor and Hutton Moor staying on the moor to the south of the fence. At Hutton Moor Gate do not be tempted to drop too low but follow the path along the edge of the fence towards Black Nab and the wall of enclosure around Highcliffe Farm. N.B. All pasture is out of bounds.

Follow this wall as it ascends to Highcliff Gate which is encountered as soon as you reach forestry boundaries again. Go through the gate and follow a well used track north. Soon you encounter a main trail, go straight across to the final part of the ascent to Highcliff Nab 610138 [Checkpoint 9]. Now follow the cliff edge for some 200m until you go over a style onto the main forest trail.  Keep heading east. After 500m you will see a track left do not descend here but go on a further 300m before descending through Spring Wood. After a very short distance you turn left then right in a ‘zig zag’ This keeps you on the shortest route. On reaching the main forest trail continue in a NE direction to reach the gate at which you entered the wood. Retrace your steps now back to G.R.U.F.C.


Original Classic route: (last used 2000)

[S] Guisborough Rugby Club 617155 ( Start)
[1]. Belmangate Top 625140.   
[2]. Sleddale Farm 620120 Special access.  
[2b]. Percy Rigg 613113

[3]. Lonsdale Plantation Gate 606118
[4]. Coate Moor Plantation Entrance 605105
[5]. Captain Cook’s Monument 590101
[6]. Little Roseberry gate 588127
[7]. Roseberry Topping 579126
[8]. Little Roseberry 588128
[9]. Highcliff Nab 610138
[F]. GRUFC. 617155.

The race starts on the Rugby Club field. It leaves this area via the road and ascends towards the hills on Belmangate. You now encounter a style once you are level with pasture. Go over the style and follow the narrow lane up to the forestry area. On reaching Guisborough Woods (622148) you ascend on the path that goes directly up! There are two other paths to your left and one to your right, the latter is the path on which you will return to this point at the end of the race. After 200M. another track crosses your track at right angles, go straight across taking the upward route.

After 100m there is a right turn into the wood which you should take. Almost immediately this path divides into two and guess what! take the one that goes directly up. This is a steep track which eventually brings you back to the main trail above a very boggy section. Rejoin the main trail turning right and immediately left. There are some gorse bushes to your left here and if you run as close to them as you can whilst rounding this corner of the ascent you will find the least muddy line. So again where there is a choice of path you choose to ascend. This track now swings away east, as you join The Cleveland Way for 200m until it levels out.At this point leave the Cleveland Way and ascend in a general southerly direction to Belman Bank Gate. 

Go through the gate onto the moor and continue to ascend until you reach the highest point some 300m beyond the gate. Now leave the main ‘Commondale’ track and follow a narrow track that joins a ‘landrover’ track to the west of Three Howes and to the north of Penrod Hill. At Penrod Hill you leave the wider track and follow a more direct line across the open moor to Sleddale Farm. At the farm gate the public footpath ends but special access has been granted and runners are always welcomed as you pass through the farm. On leaving the enclosed farm area you head SW to Percy Cross Rigg Road.

At Percy Cross Rigg Road the turn left for 200m then turn right through the gate into the woods. Turn right and follow the path through the woods until the path junction at 607117. You now descend in a southerly direction to Lonsdale Farm and follow the current route (above).



 Gribdale Gallop    N.B. Runners not visiting ALL checkpoints WILL be disqualified!      

The race registration / start and finish area is found at the base of Cockshaw Hill in the car parking area that is over the cattle grid from Gt. Ayton end, 593110. You ascend on the main track to Captain Cook’s Monument 590101 [CP1.] On reaching the monument turn to follow The Cleveland Way in an easterly direction until you come to the road/footpath  junction at Pale End Plantation 606105, [CP2.] You now follow the road as it descends first NE then NW past Lonsdale Farm. Go straight ahead when you pass the outlying buildings of Oak Tree Farm on your left. You now ascend to the west of Nab End in Lonsdale Plantation continuing in a general Northerly direction until you come to the path’s junction with Percy Rigg Road at 607118, [CP3.]

Go through the gate to the road end then through the next gate so that you can continue across the moor in a NW direction . You will pass WW2. derelict buildings at the top of the moor before you descend to Hutton Moor Gate 597129. Go through the gate as if to enter the wooded area but turn immediately west to run along the outside of the wood. You need to continue on this gently rising path until you come to two turn offs that are very close together at 592128. Take the second of these so that you can progress towards Hanging Stone in a general Northerly direction. (In the second year of this event the leaders managed to take the first path and ended up near Hutton Village. Needless to say they were no longer the leaders at the finish.)

At 591133 you will note that this track turns about 270 degrees to head back towards Gribdale. Here you must pick up a very narrow track that runs through the trees in a  NNE direction to Hanging Stone Rock, [CP4.]

In 2004 you were allowed take ANY route you like from The Hanging Stone to Check Point 5 as long as you didn't cross open pasture. I will try and confirm whether this is still the case for 2005.

Note from Dave Parry seems to confirm this?

There will be a marked route from HS to CP5 which is optional only to the point that there will be a further CP some 150m before CP5 = CP5A. This will be after the first gate as you enter the section below open pasture.

(Original route: Carry on straight down from Hanging Stone Rock to a ‘T’ junction with a wide forest trail at 592136. Head in a SW direction for a short distance. Continue with this main trail as it descends in a NW direction between two old quarried areas. Having descended only 100M follow the track that goes SW running alongside enclosed pasture until it comes to the gate onto Roseberry Common at 585131 [CP5]).

You now need to progress to Roseberry Topping itself at 579126 [CP6]. There is no recommended route across the common it is down to your choice. Having touched the trig point on the top you now need to progress to Little Roseberry Gate at 588127 [CP7.] The remainder of the route follows the wall towards the finish passing above Slack’s Wood, High Intake Plantation and down the steps to the Car Park Area where you started.


 Guisbrough Gallump 

This was a one-off race which kept to G'bro woods because of the Foot & Mouth restrictions.

Guisborough Gallump Race route (in photos)



 Guisbrough Grunt 

I’m sometimes asked why it’s called The Grunt! My reply is usually; ‘ wait until you reach the Greenhill ascent!’ The registration area etc. is at Guisborough Rugby Club (617155). The start is about one kilometre along the old railway line near it’s junction with Butt Lane. 623155. The route follows the old railway for a 100M or so until you can join the public footpath up Butt Lane in a southerly direction towards the forestry at West Banks. 627149. [CP1 & CP5]

At this point you will run in a westerly direction along the FP. that follows the inside of the wood where it abuts the fields (Incidentally all fields are out of bounds in this race). On reaching Belman Bank the start of the ‘Woods’ race follow the reverse of the ‘Moors’ race until you reach 620146. The path now heads NW for 100M before following the edge of the forestry to the skirt of Kemplah Woods at 610146 [CP2].

Here you will see an immediate ascent which is the main footpath up to Highcliff Nab. You need to run only a few metres further west to encounter your ascent which is an increasingly steep ascent of Greenhill (you are allowed to grunt on this section.) This runs almost parallel with the Public Footpath and is perhaps the steepest, continuous ascent in the Cleveland Hills. At the top of this path you reach a much flatter area beginning at 609143. Now follow your nose to join the previously mentioned FP. and once on this you will continue to climb for another 100M. after which you will encounter a very wide forest trail at right angles to you. Go straight across this and begin the final ascent of Highcliff Nab  611138 [CP3].

Now head in an easterly direction along the escarpment, cross the style after 300M. then continue East on this path; simply ignore all paths off to the left and right just proceed straight ahead until you are above Westworth Wood at 635143. Stay on the same path as it heads North until you reach a path junction with open pasture on your right. 635149 [CP4].

 You now descend on what starts out as a fairly narrow track towards Cow Pasture Hill on the edge of forestry at 632151. Once there head in a westerly direction towards Butt Lane. [CP5]

Now follow the way down Butt Lane which is a reversal of the opening section of the race. Once you are back on the old railway the finish is adjacent to registration at 616154.

 Guisborough Three Tops  

Please note an important change to the route for 2008 (highlighted in red).

Start on Belmangate approx. 100 metres south of GRUFC (618154)  and ascend the Gisborough Moors Race descent to Highcliff by taking the right hand exit of four and ascend to the main track after 500m. Follow the main track for 400m then as the track drops away you need to ascend on a smaller track heading SW (619145). This path will eventually be met by another track from the left and ascend to meet The Cleveland Way (CW)  at 618141. Follow the CW, heading in a westerly direction going over a style and on to Highcliff Nab (611139) [CP1] and TOP ONE!

Follow a southerly path from the nab to reach the moor gate at 613136. Now follow the wall path in a SW direction to Black Nab. Continue on the lower path to reach Hutton Moor Gate at 597129. Now go to Little Roseberry Gate 587127 still on the CW. Proceed to Roseberry Topping 579126. [CP2] and TOP TWO!

Turn round and drop off Roseberry on an almost parallel track eventually swinging away to a wooden gate at 585131 [CP3] (Marshalled checkpoint). Progress to the next wooden gate at 586132 Proceed in this NE direction until you have passed the permanent ‘White Trail Sign' just before the edge of the wood. Approx 10m after the sign turn right and ascend up a small cinder track (587134). Follow this path, cross a main track and ascend to the rear of Hanging Stone. Once you reach the top trail you will need to go in an easterly direction for about 20m. before dropping down a small path to Hanging Stone (592135) [CP4] and TOP THREE!

From The Hanging Stone you may take any route you like back to the NEW marshalled CP5 at 622138 (Trig Point). (This has been deemed necessary to stop runners crossing the open pasture near to Belmangate). There is a crossing point in Hutton Village at 602138 which is a main road / path junction if you wish to take the lower path along the wood edge back to the finish. The lower roads below the junction at 599140 and ALL open pasture (not moor) are out of bounds. A marked route may be provided as appropriate, passing under Highcliff.

Descend from CP5 using any route you like back to the finish which will be on the Belmangate road approx. 100 metres south of GRUFC entrance (618154).

If you aren't sure which route to take back from Hanging Stone then check out What is the best route back from The Hanging Stone?. (Note this was before the addition of the new CP5)



 Guisborough Uphill Mile 

Hutton Village to High Cliff Nab. 

(Click here for full route details and graph of race profile).


 Guisborough Woods Hill Race

Facts / History of the race

This is a route planned for inclement weather being a three loop course (juniors do only 1 lap). Changing / drinking / presentation / registration is at Guisborough Rugby Club 617155. This race is usually run on the day after Boxing Day.

The start is some distance from registration at Belman Bank where the wood begins (622148). There are four paths meeting here you need to look uphill in a southerly direction and use the second path on your left hand heading in a general SE direction. After about half a kilometre the path swings to head east and passes a large fenced pond.

You now need to run approx. 300m beyond the end of this pond before you branch right heading towards the bottom of the quarry at 631147. Here you ascend the edge of the quarry to 632146 where you meet The Cleveland Way.Turn right and follow this track for one and quarter kilometres until you meet the main Belman Bank path at 624144. You now descend to the start area via a little short cut at 622144 where there is a more sheltered and less muddy path down through the trees.

Having returned to 622148 you will encounter a marshall who will tell you that you have completed one lap but there’s two to go (unless you're a junior). N.B. for the benefit of the over 60's -  at the end of your second lap you will only have one left to do.

 Lackenby Limp

This could easily have been called ‘The Lazenby Limp.’ So in this case what is in a name? The start, registration and finish area is to be found at Lazenby near Redcar just after the A174 Parkway ends at the A1053 junction. Just beyond this to the south of the A174 is a recreation area. 573195. The opening section of the race follows The Lazenby Bank Road track which runs to the East of the Wilton golf course. As you reach the end of the golf course and encounter the woodland in Castle Bank Woods take the third track from your left which is a permitted path and the most direct ascent to Eston Nab and it’s Iron Age fort. On the O.S.Map it looks as if this path ascends almost due south before swinging SW towards Lackenby Bank. As it crosses the old Railway at 575188 it now ascends slightly to the east continuing in a SSW. direction until it reaches a wider track and is again at a common point with the track marked on the O.S. Map. 574185. The track continues along in a general SW direction until you reach the end of the fence line just before The Nab. 568183.[CP1] You now cross the ramparts of The Iron Age fort until you reach the main track that runs SW to Carr Pond at 563174. Continue to follow this main track until you reach the top of Pig Bank where there is an old gate onto Normanby Moor. [CP2] 560170. At this point follow the path that goes towards ‘Cross Keys’ which runs in an easterly direction. On reaching the style and path junction at 565170 after 30 metres to the North continue to head east across Moordale Bog. Keeping to the North of  the pig fields. At 573172; [CP3,] follow the main track North until you reach the bottom of the descent in about 400M. There is a mucky reddish pond to the east. At this point take the right hand fork which climbs up Eston Moor on a right handed route to Eston Nab [CP4.]

As you descend retrace your steps at first but then continue until you meet the old iron railings on  The Lazenby Bank Road Path, at 580187,[CP5.] Now you must head off on a path which runs NW. then NE. until you cross the old Railway. Once over take the direct descent in a NW direction as opposed to the longer looping Lazenby Bank Road Track. You will now reach the top corner of the Golf Course and should return to the Start and Finish area. At 573195.

 Langdale End

Ordnance Survey map "Outdoor Leisure 27 - North York Moors Eastern Area"

Directions to Start:

From North: A171 -> Whitby then turn right at roundabout to Ruswarp and follow B1416 -> A171 -> Scarborough. At Scalby turn right by Rosette Pub
> Suffield -> Hackness -> Langdale  End.

From West: A170 -> Pickering -> Scarborough. At Ayton turn left opposite Forge Valley Garage -> Forge Valley -> Hackness -> Langdale End.

At Langdale End go through Farm yard opposite Moorcock Pub and Park around edge of Cricket field. Toilets and refreshments at pub. Start and Finish at Langdale End Village Cricket Pitch, Grid ref: 939914

Race Route: (new for 2004)

Start on the Village Cricket pitch at Langdale End - Grid Reference SE 939 913
There is no set route up to the Trig point at Langdale Rigg End (928 947), runners can take which ever way they choose.
However the most likely route that runners will take is to head Northerly towards Howden Hill (now a site of scientific Interest and as such is out of bounds), skirt the base and on to the stile, joining the public bridleway (916 937.)
Follow the field edge and head up onto the ridge, from here it is a straight run to the Trig point first across fields, then onto forest track and then being careful to go straight on over a stile at (930 941) to head over fields to the trig point.
Descend the steep stony Northern side to a stile and carry on straight over onto a well used forest track.
Follow this track round for 500 mtrs then turn off onto the "Bickley Trod" walking trail (926 945.)
This trail is well marked with forestry "Blue Walker" posts. Follow this descending trail, crossing over all forest tracks that you meet.
Cross the Footbridge (924 940) and climb up hill, once again crossing directly over all forest tracks that you encounter.
Cross the stream (921 930) and then on a further 300 mtrs to a wide forest track and turn left.
Follow this main track to a junction at 928 926 and bear left through a gate, then almost immediate right down a grassy steep sided gully, crossing a stream and up on small trail to join the West Side Road forest track at 930 929. Head Southerly on this track for 200 mtrs until the forest ends.
Take the gate to the field on your left and head directly across and then up the steep escarpment to rejoin the outgoing route on the ridge.
Follow the reverse route to finish at the Cricket pitch.

Stuart Backhouse (01723 507781)
Scarbororough A.C.

 Lordstones (medium)      (English Champs 2006)

Carlton Bank Top Café above Carlton in Cleveland Near Stokesley. N.Yorks.
Follow A172 from A19 towards Stokesley turn towards Carlton then follow Alum House Lane Climbing up the single track road through the old quarry area and onto the top GR. 522.031 O.S. Outdoor Leisure 26.

Parking is plentiful on the moor top which is well drained rocky terrain covered in a thin layer of grass. You will be directed to parking zones within a 100Metres of the Start /Finish Area.

A map is available for download complete with an elevation profile of the route. The map best suited is O.S. OL 26. Registration and Start are situated closely together right next to the Café. The route will start with a 1 Km clock-wise loop of the field then ascend Cringle Moor to Surprise View which is the first check not that you will see the view at this stage. We do not visit Drake Howe but follow the Cleveland Way along Kirby Edge and down towards Broughton Bank at 546,034. Now ascend Cold Moor which deserves its name, to the highest point 551,035. Next descent is before the ascent to Wainstones 560,036. You must continue along this ridge to the top of White Hill 567,036. At this point there are some alternative descents to the style at 572,034.

From here the route heads NW and follows the edge of the forest to 567,038 before turning WSW then continues to follow the edge of the wood until it ends at 545,035. Next descend following a well defined path in a northerly direction to a gate at 542,036. Now ascend a little gulley in a SW direction towards lower Kirby Bank Tips 536,035. Pick up the old miners path to a style at 530,035.

Now you need to navigate to the re-entrant near the fence and stream at 526, 037. Now to finish you have to ascend Green Bank on any appropriate route to the finish near a large clump of trees just beyond the height mark ‘301’. Well I hope that is clear as mud as you will no doubt be covered in it should it be wet!

Prize Giving:-
Will be at the finish area in or outside the finish marquee within a short time after everyone is accounted for. Results will be posted on the day although prizes will be given according to N.E. Hill Running Association Rules for The Summer Series.

For further help Contact Dave Parry Tel. 01287 660309. or davidparry100@hotmail.com



 Lordstones / Wainstones (full)   N.B. This is NOT the route of the Lordstones Medium Race (English Champs) which is detailed above.

Facts / History of the race

The route starts at The Pybus Scout Complex ref. 543039; South of Kirkby, Near Gt. Broughton, Stokesley. The first section proceeds south along a landrover track towards Kirby Bank. After 500m it bears SE to cross a small re-entrant above the scars. At 544033 the course swings in a westerly direction to CP1 which will be a 'bucket- drop' just to the North of Drake Howe on the main footpath at 538032.

The route now proceeds to the viewpoint at 536033. You will now follow a descent on that dreadful, newly laid, rock path then along a grassy wide track to the road crossing at 523030. CP2 is at the cairn 519026. The route now heads south to the east of the glider station and down to CP3 at Brian's Pond 522007.

You now descend through Barker's Crags to Scugdale Hall (CP4 Ref. 518000). The route now goes east for a few hundred metres before climbing to a point at the top of the moor and south of Raisdale Mill Plantation. (532004). The course now proceeds in an easterly direction along the sunken Mill Lane before heading south across rough pasture above Crossletts Farm, at 541002. You now follow the farm road in a north-easterly direction to CP5 at Stone Intake (543004.) You must now follow the footpath across the Bull's field until you are on moorland above pasture areas. approx. 546005.

The route now crosses Cold Moor via Three Howes, to CP6 which is at the point where you begin to descend towards the Wainstones climb. (552030.) CP7 is at the top of The Wainstones 560037.
This precedes the second 'bucket-drop' of the day at CP8 which is directly north of Hasty Bank Farm at ref. 567030. From here there is a choice of routes to CP9 at the style (571033), above the steps from Clay Bank Car Park.

The route now follows the southern edge of Broughton Plantation, which is a very wide track above Broughton Bank following a general westerly direction to CP10 at the wood corner 546035. After crossing the beck you then continue in a westerly direction for about 200m before descending on the path where you originally ascended.

Well I hope that is as clear as mud, as it is the best that you are going to get!

 Maybeck Three Crosses



 Ossy Oiks

Why Ossy? This is the local colloq…….slang for Osmotherley. Why Oiks?  this is a collective noun for a rabble! So Ossy Oiks Race ‘a run for a rabble around the Osmotherley area.’ The start and registration is at the North end of Cod Beck Reservoir. 471994.
You head off in a SE direction to cross Crabdale Beck and up the other side next to the wire fence which unfortunately often has a barbed wire top line. You now do a loop of the moor heading off in a NE direction and gradually turning to [CP1] at 471994 which is found as you reach the Drover’s Road also known as High Lane Track.
Here you head due south to pass ‘Solomon’s Temple,’ [CP2] and reach ‘Chequers.’475971. You can cut the corner a bit just before Chequers to reach the gate at 474969.
From here you descend into Oakdale to 469963 [CP3] then head in a  general easterly direction north of Oakdale reservoir. At the end of  the reservoir, cross the beck in a SE. direction following the footpath through the wood. After only 100M. follow a SE route some 30metres to the east of the beck, until you reach the gate at 479955. Follow the footpath known as Hambleton Street until you have ascended a fairly steep section and are almost opposite the cairn at spot height 399M. At 479946 change direction and head due east to the Cairn. You are now at the top of Black Hambleton 481955 [CP4].
You should return to the road at 479959.[CP5]. Once here the road is out of bounds and you should take the footpath towards Jenny Brewster’s Spring, at a point some 100M. before the spring you will need to head North so that you can cross Jenny Brewster’s Gill on a footbridge at 477963. [CP6]. Now ascend the ravine up towards ‘Middlesbrough,’ once at the top of the climb you need to run on the path that heads along the wall side in a NW direction.
You will now retrace your steps from earlier in the race for about one kilometre, past Chequers, Solomon’s Temple and onto High Lane/Green Track. At 473981 you need to turn NW through a wooden gate and descend to Green Lane at 468982. Here you need to follow Green Lane in a Northerly to NNE. Direction for 800M until you reach a ladder style over the wall, leading to lower Pamperdale Moor. Once over this style you need to head NW for about 300M. where you will find the Start/Finish area.

 Ossy Oiks (short bad weather route) 

The normal race route will be followed through Chequers and down to Oakdale. Once runners reach the end of the top reservoir at  Ref. 474961 they should not continue to cross the bottom of Jenny Brewster’s Gill via the footbridge but bear left to ascend on the West side of the gill, towards the top of the gill, just below the road. On leaving the reservoir there is a path that goes through some gorse and then through a drystone wall. Once through the wall run just above this for about 100M. At this point you will have to ascend in a NE direction following the top of the ravine up to a large holly tree that is sited above the footbridge that you would use on the full route. Once here turn at 90 degrees and climb up towards 'Middlesbrough'. Once you reach the top of the climb follow the line of the drystone wall that leads back to Chequers. (The road is still out of bounds until you reach Chequers.) The rest of the route is as previously described.

 Pinchinthorpe Plod   N.B. The 2007 route will most likely follow that described below i.e. the diversion avoiding Blue Lake will NOT be used. The route may however drop down to the main forest track below Hanging Stone if the walkers path at the white trail sign is too bad to be used due to tree-felling.

The start and finish area is on the old dismantled railway and siding just south of Lowcross Farm. To reach the parking area at 584,153 drive along the A171 from Middlesbrough until you reach the roundabout at Windlebridge Nurseries. Turn right onto the A171 Gt.Ayton Road. After a few hundred metres there is a left turn to Guisborough, drive past this but within 150 metres there is another left turn into the recreation area in the old siding on the dismantled railway. If you reach a bridge over the rail you have gone too far! The run starts on the rail next to the centre. (584,153.)

On this route you are following the white trail with two deviations. The White Trail proceeds  in an easterly direction for approximately 200M it then heads south up some wooden steps, in the race however you continue for a further 200M. before going through a gate to the south. Proceed for 30/40 metres then bear west uphill until you reach the top of where the steps emerge. The reason for extending the start a little is because after 200M. the race would stop as you queued to go through the gate and then there would be a narrow line of walkers up the steps.. At the top of the steps you will encounter a main forest trail which swings away SW.  be careful to ascend the hill here in a southerly direction to reach the top of the wood at 587147. Now head ENE. Follow the path until the wood start again to the south. Turn and follow another fairly new path in a southerly direction. This again follows the edge of the wood. Stay on this path for about a mile until you find that you have to descend slightly, to reach a point just above the main forest trail at 586135. Almost immediately head SE up some wooden steps until you reach the main track heading towards Roseberry Topping [CP1].

Follow this track towards Little Roseberry through the gate at 584131 then loop round south, then east up the north side of Little Roseberry to the gate at 587127 [CP2]. Follow the wall in a north-easterly direction to the stile at 589130.

At the stile head towards Hanging Stone in a North Easterly direction. At 592, 134 you need to turn off the main drag and go through the trees to Hanging Stone itself [CP3]. Now drop down to a White trail sign some short distance before the main forestry trail. Follow this trail through the woods in a SE direction until it drops to the main forest path at 594133.  

Turn right on the path for 20m then left across the style and head NNE following some wooden steps down and then onto a wide track past "Blue Lake" which will emerge at 596140 into pasture after passing through a gate. You now leave the White trail again (which goes on to the road) and head uphill in a NW direction to another gate at 596141 which leads to the main track back towards Roseberry Topping [CP4].

From the gate follow this main trail through Hutton Lowcross Woods until 590137. Now bear right into High Bousdale Woods. You are now following a wide track that first goes SW then NW for a very short distance before swinging round and heading NE to 590146 where you meet a pole across the path. Now take the path that heads North and uphill After 200 metres you drop off on the black path NE until you reach the course of the old railway line Follow this line back to the start/finish area in a NW direction.

Route Variations: The original route used in Jan 2000 and Jan 2001 did not use Little Roseberry but followed the original 'White route' to the field edge opposite the gate at 584131 and climbed up a very steep climb to the stile at 589130.
The 2002 route did climb up Little Roseberry but was extende
d  via the  "Unsuitable for Motors" road because of tree felling near Blue Lake.
The 2003 route turned left at 587133 and climbed up a cinder track, crossed the main track and then eventually
climbed to join the original route at 591133 just before Hanging Stone.

Phew! trying to keep course records for this race is a nightmare!

 Raincliffe Woods, Scarborough 

Registration is at Scarborough Rugby Club (GR 015 900) (This is our normal club venue). There will be toilets and parking available.  There may be showers at the end but this is not guaranteed yet.

Start in at Throxenby Mere (GR 010 887). Approximately 10 mins from Rugby Club on foot.

Route as per attached copy. 5 or 6 miles with 1700ft climbing. The route may look a bit contrived but you try doing anything else in Raincliffe Woods. I will position marshals at the positions marked (1 to 8) which, along with plenty of tape, should see the race go well.

Ian Ellmore


 Roseberry Topping

This is one of two short races that can be run in Cleveland. The start is at The Newton Under Roseberry Car Park, currently owned by The National Trust. It is a race with a long history, with annual races back to someone's coronation in 1953 which makes 2003 it's 50th anniversary. There are usually two races at least each year - the official fell race organised by Mandale Harriers and a further race organised by Cleveland Mountaineering Club. Having been involved with both clubs over the years I have run both and both seem quite identical.

The  registration takes place in the car park 571128. The start and finish are adjacent to this on Roseberry Lane 571129. The rules are simple as Roseberry Common is open access. ‘Touch the Trig’ at 579126, using Roseberry Lane ‘up and down’ until you reach or after you leave Newton Wood.


 Saltergate Gallows  

This event takes place in ‘Heartbeat’ country and if you have watched the series, one of the main introductory shots is taken from the race’s start point ("Dave, you must have too much free time on your hands!"). Registration for this event is in the car park at Saltergate Bank top 853938.
The Start is above The hole of Horcum at Gallows Dike 849941. You head off in a general westerly direction swinging round with the main drag to a general southerly direction passing Seavy Pond 833935 and arriving at Dundale Pond 828918 [
From here
head Westerly then NW. to Skelton Tower  820929
[CP2]. Now follow the footpath along Levisham Bottoms to a point opposite Hudson’s Cross 838945. There is no good siting point here, so you have to try to gauge where to cross the moor to Hudson’s Cross so that you can descend the Ravine via The Angel’s Staircase - an area in which to be very careful!. (if you slip you might discover the meaning of the name!) 

N.B. Runner's who miss out 'The Angel’s Staircase' by taking a short cut between CP2 and CP3 will be disqualified as in 2002!

Proceed in this Northerly direction until 837949 just south of the railway line. Now head west until you have passed the station and can go through the underpass. Climb out to the main trail and follow this in a westerly direction along Yaul Sike Hole. If you reach a gate across the path blocking vehicular access you have just passed the ascent at 830948 [CP3].
Proceed up this steep ascent for about 1000 steps! You will reach a path junction at Spot Height 244m (826952.) At this point head ENE to cross Yaul Sike Slack at 832954. You will need to continue in this direction following the main track which runs parallel to the ‘Killing Nab Scar’ path, some 400m to the North. You will after about two kilometres from the ‘spot height’ reach a section where the path is above ‘Needle Point’ and turns in a Northerly direction. We do not use the descent at Needle Eye as this is in an extremely dangerous condition. The route therefore does not visit the remarkable view at Needle Eye but it’s worth visiting another time. Continue north where after about 500m there is a well used footpath down through the wood.
(840958) [CP4].
This starts at the point where the track has swung in a NW direction and just as it starts to turn to WNW you will need to head Easterly down a narrow track that has had steps built into it.
After the descent (842959) you will reach a wide track running parallel to the railway line, head in a southerly direction until you are almost below Needle Eye. At 843953 you will need to cross a style, a bridge, the rail crossing followed by another bridge so that you can ascend the marshy area followed by the ravine to the NE of Pifelhead Wood. You will reach 847945, from where you should cross the moor on the available paths back to the start/finish area on Gallows Dike.

 Sutton Bank Slither (replaced by the White Horse Wander)

You will find the Registration and Start area on the top of the well known Sutton Bank top near to the Kilburn White Horse and a few miles from Thirsk. The Registration area is opposite Cliff Plantation at 515831. This is on the minor road that branches off the A170, just after reaching Sutton Bank Top when travelling from Thirsk. The start is at 516832. The first part of the race is 300M on the road heading in a SW direction towards Sutton Bank. On reaching the A170 bear immediately right in a NW direction and follow the main footpath on the edge of the forestry along the scarp top. You will pass ‘Great Relief Pot’ and ‘Fairies Parlour’ ( I will pass no comment here but let you interpret as you will!) The route now follows the top of the wood taking The Cleveland Way Path until you come to a path junction at 508853.[CP1]. You now descend towards Cow Pasture Wood at 499858. [CP2] You must now follow a series of footpaths heading in a general Southerly direction passing through Greendale below the Quarries, through on the west most path past Southwood’s Hall and on to Southwood Lodge at 502838. [CP3].Here you are going to turn briefly east and then SE below White Mare Crag in Whitestone Cliff. After only a short distance you will come to Gormire Lake. With the kind permission of The Lake’s owners, the route now does a full loop of the lake beginning at the Northern end. The route now goes round the west shore, along the southern end and then up the ascent through Garbutt Wood. This ascent begins at 505833, goes up to Sutton Brow and the Finish. This is at the end of the Sutton Brow path before it’s junction with the A170 at 514829.

 White Horse Wander   

  1. Start at Sutton Bank view point (514829) and head SE along ridge towards White Horse,
  2. Take first turn right (approx ¾ mile) down angled path (515819) leading onto bridleway, which leads to bottom forest track (508814).
  3. Turn right and follow track, take left fork (506818) and start to climb from this point.
  4. After approx. 200m turn left and follow arrows (tourist route) around Hood Hill. Sections of this route (via 501814) will be muddy and mostly in forestry.
  5. Once back to forestry track (508814) turn right and follow again for approx. 200m, again turn right off the forestry road and follow trail to White Horse Road, with about 300m to go you will reach a tarmac road – follow this
  6. Turn left (514806) up onto White Horse Road for a few yards then take first turning right onto footpath (Horse Trail) and follow right onto top car park (on the ridge 516813), this can be muddy.
  7. Once in top car park turn left and cross the road (care!) and follow footpath W along ridge to the finish at 514829.

  Rob Burn (T&S)


 Whorlton Run 

This is a long established summer fete race, which we have adjusted with the agreement of the parish council to make it a little more challenging.

The start is at The Black Horse Public House in Swainby (477021). Parking at the rear of the pub! Start outside the Pub and head north, cross the bridge and head in a westerly direction along the minor road until it reaches Back Lane when you turn in a general southerly direction and follow this lane to it’s junction with Coalmire Lane at 474005. Shortly after the junction the route leaves the road to avoid the dangerous road bend, but soon rejoins it.
The route now heads in a SW. direction to the Cattle Grid at 473003 and follows Coalmire Lane South for approx. 350metres to [CP1].

You now ascend on an obvious path which is always marked on the day of the race. This leaves the road at 472000 and ascends through the old quarry area to the wood corner at 474001. The route now follows the outside of the wood staying between wall and wall or fence and wall for two kilometres until this path reaches [CP2] at 488996. This is at a minor path junction approx 180m before the main path junction which allows you to cut the corner. On reaching this point head NE downhill to the main track then NW into the wood following the main trail descending to path junction 481008 [CP3]. (This is a downhill mile - worth timing yourself for a PB!)

Turn E and follow  the CW to 489002 [CP3] then head NE across the pasture to the Ford in Scugdale Beck at 492004. Now follow the farm road past Hollin Hill to the Telephone Box at Huthwaite Green. Continue to follow The CW to the foot of Jacob’s Ladder 493012. At this point leave The Cleveland Way and cross the rough pasture to join the footpath just south of Perish Crook at 492015.
Your route is now very straightforward as you follow the wide footpath passing to the east of Whorlton House. You now progress down Whorlton Lane passing through Whorlton to [CP5] at 484024 then past the Church and to the south of The Castle. You now simply follow the road to Scugdale Beck and turn right, finishing at the start point, outside the pub. Where you may continue after the finish to run a few yards further to the bar!