Guisborough Gallump Race Route

This was a one-off race which kept to G'bro woods because of the Foot & Mouth restrictions. Thanks for the positive comments on this route after the race - it was difficult to get an interesting route which required the minimum of marshalling.


1. Grid Ref 610138

From Belmangate (621148) head for (surprise, surprise) Highcliff Nab....

2. Grid Ref 608139

then follow the main track down and turn left at the path junction

3. Grid Ref 603134

Stay on this metalled road for approx 1/2 mile and then straight on here at the top of Hutton Village bank...

4. Grid Ref 603133

50 yards further on turn left up the 'Badger track' and follow this winding path which climbs up through the woods...


5. Grid Ref 597129

to the top of the 'unsuitable for motors' road show here. Carry straight on and follow the edge of the wood for approx 600 metres ...(who's that man?)

6. Grid Ref 592128

.....and then just around a corner take the SECOND right into the woods....(note wooden post) 

7. Grid Ref 591133

Stay on this path for approx 700 meters and then just as it bends left turn FIRST right along a narrow track (there he is again) to........ 

8. Grid Ref 591134

'The Hanging Stone'. If you're ahead of me, stop here and admire the views for 5 mins and then descend down into the woods on slippery steps......

9. Grid Ref 591136

the path levels out at a path junction where you must turn right along the marked 'White Route'. (Pinchinthorpe Plod Race route)

10. Grid Ref 592135

Stay on the 'White Route' which forks left here after approx 100 yards......  
(follow that man)

11. Grid Ref 594132

When you descend onto the main track turn left over a stile after only 50 yards...

12. Grid Ref 595136

follow the long fast descent for 500 metres and then make sure you turn right. DO NOT carry straight on as in the Pinchinthorpe Plod Race)

13. Grid Ref 601136

After climbing gently for approx 1K you must turn right after a gate up the 'unsuitable for motors' road which climbs up....

14. Grid Ref 601135

to this path x-roads. Turn left here and stay on the main track back to the top of Hutton Village bank as in photo 3. Retrace your outward route until..

15. Grid Ref 604138

you meet this left turn off the main path (NOT OBVIOUS - unlike that man again) where you will descend quickly (hopefully) for approx 1/2 mile until..  

16. Grid Ref 601142

you meet this stile at the bottom. Turn right here and stay on the main path as it winds its way along the edge of the fields

After approx 1 mile turn right up the 'sting in the tail' i.e. Silverton hill (616144)  and then turn left at the T-junction and follow the main path back to Belmangate (621148). DO NOT leave the Woods or cross any fields.

Well done - collect your prize at the finish!