Guisborough Uphill Mile - Route & Course Profile


The Guisborough Uphill Mile from Hutton Village to Highcliff Nab is a time trial, setting off at one minute intervals. It is a Man v Bike or Combined race. i.e. prizes for first runner, first bike and first combined time of bike + run, in each age class. REGISTER at Guisborough Rugby Club and jog/ride to start.

The time-trial starts at the right hand post just inside the gate at the bottom of the hill in Hutton Village at GR 602137. Head uphill for 340m to the path junction where you will turn left. Continue on the undulating main track in a North-Easterly direction (bikers will hopefully gain time on the runners along here) until you meet a steep tarmac road after 1K at 607139. Climb the curving hill to it's  crest where you will meet a gate (runners will be able to jump the gate using their momentum). Turn right here at the path junction (608139) up another rough track (keeping High Cliff Nab to  your left) passing struggling bikers as you climb. The finish at 1.0 miles is about 40m before the track curves round the back of High Cliff Nab at 611137.  N.B. competitors must clear the finish area as there isn't enough room for runners and bikers at the finish.