Start on Belmangate approx. 100 metres south of GRUFC (618154)  and ascend the Gisborough Moors Race descent to Highcliff by taking the right hand exit of four and ascend to the main track after 500m. Follow the main track for 400m then as the track drops away you need to ascend on a smaller track heading SW (619145). This path will eventually be met by another track from the left and ascend to meet The Cleveland Way (CW)  at 618141. Follow the CW, heading in a westerly direction going over a style and on to Highcliff Nab (611139) [CP1] and TOP ONE!

Follow a southerly path from the nab to reach the moor gate at 613136. Now follow the wall path in a SW direction to Black Nab. Continue on the lower path to reach Hutton Moor Gate at 597129. Now go to Little Roseberry Gate 587127 still on the CW. Proceed to Roseberry Topping 579126. [CP2] and TOP TWO!

Turn round and drop off Roseberry on an almost parallel track eventually swinging away to a wooden gate at 585131 [CP3] (Marshalled checkpoint). Progress to the next wooden gate at 586132 Proceed in this NE direction until you have passed the permanent ‘White Trail Sign' just before the edge of the wood. Approx 10m after the sign turn right and ascend up a small cinder track (587134). Follow this path, cross a main track and ascend to the rear of Hanging Stone. Once you reach the top trail you will need to go in an easterly direction for about 20m. before dropping down a small path to Hanging Stone (592135) [CP4] and TOP THREE!

From The Hanging Stone you may take any route you like back to the NEW marshalled CP5 at 622138 (Trig Point). (This has been deemed necessary to stop runners crossing the open pasture near to Belmangate). There is a crossing point in Hutton Village at 602138 which is a main road / path junction if you wish to take the lower path along the wood edge back to the finish. The lower roads below the junction at 599140 and ALL open pasture (not moor) are out of bounds. A marked route may be provided as appropriate, passing under Highcliff.

Descend from CP5 using any route you like back to the finish which will be on the Belmangate road approx. 100 metres south of GRUFC entrance (618154).

If you aren't sure which route to take back from Hanging Stone then check out What is the best route back from The Hanging Stone?. (Note this was before the addition of the new CP5)


Animated route by Ian Robinson