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“Step by Step to Success” The North East’s Premier Fell Running Club 16/04/2019 Winter Series Leading Teams after 10 races 16/04/2019 Winter Series Leaders after 10 races 16/04/2019 Gisborough Moors result v2 15/04/2019 Gisborough Moors photos by Rob Pollard 14/04/2019 Gisborough Moors result 10/03/2019 Winter Series Leading Teams after 9 races 10/03/2019 Winter Series Leaders after 9 races 09/04/2019 Maybck Three Crosses result 07/04/2019 Latest Training Venue Maps 06/04/2019 Latest Training news 29/03/2019 Bilsdale Fell Race report by Mike Quinn 20/03/2019 Bilsdale fell race result 07/03/2019 Winter Series Leading Teams after 8 races 07/03/2019 Winter Series Leaders after 8 races 05/03/2019 Glaisdale Rigg results 04/03/2019 Latest Training news - Winter venues 26/02/2019 Heartbeat Hobble results 13/02/2019 Bilsdale Race route map update by Clive Thornton 12/02/2019 Updates Race Calendar by Clive Thornton 29/01/2019 Maybeck 3 Crosses race route by Clive Thornton 20/01/2019 2019 Race Calendar  by Clive Thornton 20/01/2019 Bilsdale Online entry 14/01/2019 Winter Series Leading Teams after 6 races 14/01/2019 Winter Series Leaders after 6 races 07/01/2019 Commondale Clart results correction 07/01/2019 Commondale Clart results 07/01/2019 Captain Cooks Junior results 06/01/2019 Commondale Clart photos by David Aspin 06/01/2019 Commondale Clart video by David Aspin 05/01/2019 Captain Cooks Race senior result 02/01/2019 Captain Cooks photos by David Aspin 29/12/2018 Bilsdale Race route description update