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17th Mar 2019


3rd Mar 2019

Glaisdale Rigg

24th Feb 2019

Heartbeat Hobble

6th Jan 2019

Commondale Clart

1st Jan 2019

Captain Cooks
Captain Cooks Juniors

27th Dec 2018

Guisborough Woods
Guisborough Woods Juniors

25th Nov 2018

Eskdale Eureka

4th Nov 2018

Saltergate Gallows

28th Oct 2018

Gormire Gamble

30th Sept 2018

Lockton Limping

16th Sept 2018

Fry-up Frazzler

8th Sept 2018

Castleton Show Run

29th Aug 2018

Roseberry Topping

4th Aug 2018

Osmotherley Show Race

25th July 2018

Inclined to Madness

15th July 2018

Viking Chase

20th  June 2018

Whorlton Run

6th  June 2018

Ossy Oiks

16th  May 2018

Fox and Hounds Chase

2nd May 2018

Gribdale Growler

29th Apr 2018

Blakey Blitz

15th Apr 2018

Gisborough Moors

25h Feb 2018

Heartbeat Hobble

14th Jan 2018

Commondale Clart

1st Jan 2018

Captain Cook
Captain Cooks Juniors U9 - U17

27th Dec  2017

Guisborough Woods
Guisborough Woods Juniors

3rd Dec  2017

Eskdale Eureka

5th Nov  2017

Saltergate Gallows

15th Oct  2017

Gormire Gamble

24th Sept  2017

Lockton Limping

9th Sept  2017

Castleton Show Run

3rd Sept  2017

Viking Chase

30th Aug 2017

Roseberry Topping

16th Aug 2017

Gribdale Gallop

26th Jul 2017

Inclined to Madness

21st Jun 2017

Whorlton Run

7th Jun 2017

Ossy Oiks

17th May 2017

Fox and Hounds Chase
Fox and Hounds Juniors

23rd Apr 2017

Gisborough Moors 40th Anniversary

25th Mar 2017

Cock Howe Classic U9
Cock Howe Classic U11-U13
Cock Howe Classic U15
Cock Howe Classic U17-U19-U21

19th Mar 2017 Blakey Blitz
5th  Mar 2017 Glaisdale Rigg
8th  Jan 2017 Commondale Cart
1st  Jan 2017 Captain Cooks
Captain Cooks Juniors U15 & U17
Captain Cooks Juniors U9, U11 & U13
27th Dec 2016 Guisborough Woods
Guisborough Woods Juniors U12, U14 & U16
Guisborough Woods Juniors U8 & U10
4th Dec 2016 Eskdale Eureka
6th Nov  2016 Saltergate Gallows
2nd Oct 2016 Levisham Limping
10th Sep 2016 Castleton Show Run (abridged)
31st Aug 2016 Roseberry Topping
3rd Aug 2016 Cock Howe Classic
Cock Howe Juniors
6th Jul 2016 Ossy Oiks
22nd Jun 2016 Whorlton Run
15th Jun 2016 Carlton Midsummer Meander
8th Jun 2016 Fox & Hounds Chase
Fox & Hounds Juniors
4th May 2016 Clay Bank West
17th Apr 2016 Gisborough Moors
20th Mar 2016 Blakey Blitz
21st Feb  2016 Glaisdale Rigg
1st Jan  2016 Captain Cooks
Captain Cooks Juniors
27th Dec 2015 Guisborough Woods
Guisborough Woods Juniors
6th Dec 2015 Eskdale Eureka
15th Nov 2015 Saltergate Gallows
1st Nov 2015 Gisborough Moors
4th Oct 2015 Levisham Limping
20th Sept 2015 Viking Chase
12th Sept 2015 Castleton Show Run (abridged)
6th Sept 2015 Guisborough Three Tops (English Champs)
 22nd July 2015 Cock Howe & Beyond
8th July 2015 Guisborough Grunt+
24th June 2015 Whorlton Run
10th June 2015 Ossy Oiks
20th May 2015 New Fox & Hounds
6th May 2015 Carlton Challenge
19th April 2015 Maybeck Three Crosses
12th April 2015 Broughton Woods Wobble
5th April 2015 Guisborough Three Tops
22nd Mar 2015 Blakey Blitz
8th Mar 2015 Glaisdale Rigg
15th Feb 2015 Commondale Beacon II
4th Jan 2015 Clay Bank East
Clay Bank East Juniors
1st Jan 2015 Captain Cooks
Captain Cooks Juniors
28th Dec 2014 Guisborough Woods
14th Dec 2014 Eskale Eureka
30th Nov 2014 Levisham Limping
16th Nov 2014 Commondale Beacon I
2nd Nov  2014 Guisborough Three Tops
19th Oct 2014 Clay Bank West
5th Oct 2014 Saltergate - Levisham
21st Sept 2014 Viking Chase
13th Sept 2014 Castleton Show Run (Abridged)
10th Sept 2014 Roseberry Topping
27th Aug 2014 Inclined to Madness
20th Aug 2014 Guisbrough Grunt
6th Aug 2014 Gribdale Gallop
23rd July 2014 Cock Howe and Beyond
9th July 2014 Carlton Midsummer Meander
29th June 2014 Maybeck 3 Crosses
18th June 2014 Whorlton Run
21st May 2014 Ossy Oiks
7th May 2014 Carlton Challenge
27th April  2014 Fox & Hounds Chase
13th April  2014 Gisborough Moors
23rd Mar 2014 Blakey Blitz
2nd Mar 2014 Glaisdale Rigg
16th  Feb 2014 Commondale Clart
2nd Feb 2014 Broughton Woods Wobble
5th Jan 2014 Clay Bank East
1st Jan 2014 Captain Cooks
27th Dec 2013 Guisborough Woods
Guisborough Woods Juniors
8th Dec 2013 Eskdale Eureka
25th Nov  2013 Commodale Beacon
10th Nov  2013 Clay Bank West
27th Oct  2013 G'bro Three Tops
20th Oct  2013 Saltergate Levisham
22nd Sept 2013 Viking Chase 4 Peaks
14th Sept 2013 Abridged Castleton Show Run
11th Sept 2013 Roseberry Topping
28th Aug  2013 Inclined to Madness
14th Aug  2013 Guisborough Grunt
4th Aug  2013 Blakey Blitz
31st July 2013 Gribdale Gallop
17th July 2013 Cock Howe & Beyond
7th July 2013 Carlton Midsummer Meander
29th June 2013 Maybeck 3 Crosses
20th June 2013 Whorlton Run
6th June 2013 Ossy Oiks
26th May  2013 Levisham Limping
15th May  2013 Carlton Challenge
Carlton Challenge Juniors
5th May  2013 Fox & Hounds Chase
Fox & Hounds Juniors
21st Apr 2013 Gisborough Moors
Gisborough Moors Juniors
7th Apr 2013 Pinchinthorpe Plod
3rd Mar 2013 Glaisdale Rigg
17th Feb 2013 Commondale Clart
3rd Feb 2013 Broughton woods
6th Jan  2013 Clay Bank East
Clay Bank East Juniors
1st Jan  2013 Captain Cooks
Captain Cooks Juniors
27th Dec 2012 Guisborough Woods
2nd Dec 2012 Eskdale Eureka
18th Nov 2012 Clay Bank West
 28th Oct 2012 G'bro 3 Tops
 14th Oct 2012 Levisham Saltergate
 23rd Sep 2012 Viking Chase
 12th Sep 2012 Roseberry Topping
 8th Sep 2012 Castleton Show Run (abridged)
 29th Aug 2012 Inclined To Madness
 15th Aug 2012 Guisborough Grunt
 1st Aug 2012 Gribdale Gallop
 25th July 2012 Cock Howe and beyond
 4th July 2012 Maybeck Three Crosses
 27th June 2012 Carlton Meander
 20th June 2012 Whorlton Run
 6th June 2012 Broughton Woods
 30th May 2012 Ossy Oiks
 16th May 2012 Levisham Limping
 2nd May 2012 Carlton Challenge
 29th Apr 2012 Fox & Hounds
 15th Apr 2012 Gisborough Moors
 25th Mar 2012 Blakey Blitz
 11th Mar 2012 Glaisdale Rigg
 26th Feb 2012 Commondale Clart
 12th Feb 2012 The Beacon
 15th Jan 2012 Clay Bank East
 1st Jan 2012 Captain Cooks
Captain Cooks Juniors
 27th Dec 2011 Guisborough Woods
 4th Dec 2011 Eskdale Eureka
 20th Nov 2011 Clay Bank West
30th Oct 2011 Guisborough Three Tops
16th Oct 2011 Levisham Saltergate
25th Sep 2011 Viking Chase
10th Sep 2011 Castleton Show Run (abridged)
23rd Aug 2011 Roseberry Topping
9th Aug 2011 Guisborough Grunt+
25th July 2011 Gribdale Gallop
14th July 2011 Cock Howe & Beyond
30th June 2011 Maybeck Three Crosses
14th June 2011 Whorlton Run
31st May 2011 Ossy Oiks
17th May 2011 Fox & Hounds Chase
2nd May 2011 Levisham Limping
26th Apr 2011 Carlton Challenge
10th Apr 2011 Gisborough Moors
Gisborough Moors Juniors
27th Mar 2011 Blakey Blitz
13th Mar 2011 Glaisdale Rigg
27th Feb 2011 Commondale Clart
13th Feb 2011 Castleton Beacon Results
30th Jan 2011 Eskdale Eureka
9th Jan 2011 Clay Bank East
1st Jan 2011 Captain Cooks
27th Dec 2010 Guisborough Woods
21st Nov 2010 Clay Bank West
17th Nov 2010 Guisborough Three Tops
17th Oct 2010 Saltergate Gallows
26th Sep 2010 Viking Chase
11th Sep 2010 Castleton Show Run Winter Series counters
31st Aug 2010 Roseberry Topping Race
17th Aug 2010 Guisborough Grunt+
3rd Aug 2010 Gribdale Gallop
3rd Aug 2010 Gribdale Gallop results matrix (1996-2010)
20th Jul 2010 Cock Howe
29th Jun 2010 Maybeck Three Crosses
15th Jun 2010 Whorlton Run
1st Jun 2010 Ossy Oiks
18th May 2010 Fox and Hounds
3rd May 2010 Cock Howe NE
20th Apr 2010 Carlton Challenge
11th Apr 2010 Gisborough Moors
28th Mar 2010 Blakey Blitz
14th Mar 2010 Clay Bank East
28th Feb 2010 Commondale Clart
14th Feb 2010 Castleton Beacon
1st Jan 2010 Captain Cooks
27th Dec 2009 G'bro Woods
6th Dec 2009 Eskdale Eureka
22nd Nov 2009 Clay Bank West
8th Nov 2009 G'bro Three Tops
18th Oct 2009 Saltergate Gallows
12th Sep 2009 Castleton Show Run (abridged)
1st Sep 2009 Roseberry Topping
18th Aug 2009 Guisborough Grunt+
4th Aug 2009 Gribdale Gallop
21st July 2009 Pinchinthorpe Plod
30th June 2009 Maybeck Three Crosses
16th June 2009 Whorlton Run
2nd June 2009 Ossy Oiks
29th May 2009 Fox & Hounds
5th May 2009 Lordstones-Wainstones Challenge Round
21st Apr 2009 Carlton Challenge
5th Apr 2009 Gisborough Moors
22nd Mar 2009 Blakey Blitz
1st Mar 2009 Commondale Clart
15th Feb 2009 Castleton - Danby
11th Jan 2009 Clay Bank East
1st Jan 2009 Captain Cooks Race
27th Dec 2008 Guisborough Woods
23rd Nov 2008 Clay Bank West
9th Nov 2008 Guisborough Three Tops
19th Oct 2008 Saltergate Gallows
28th Sep 2008 Cock Howe
31st Aug 2008 Pinchinthorpe Plod
19th Aug 2008 Guisborough Grunt
5th Aug 2008 Gribdale Gallop
22nd July 2008 Roseberry Topping
6th July 2008 Langdale End
22nd June 2008 Windy Gyle
18th June 2008 Whorlton Run
3rd June 2008 Ossy Oiks
20th May 2008 Fox & Hounds
11th May 2008 Lordstones
22nd Apr 2008 Carlton Challenge
13th Apr 2008 Gisborough Moors
30th Mar 2008 Eskdale Eureka
16th Mar 2008 Eston Nab Nee Nocker
2nd Mar 2008 Commondale Crossing / Clart
17th Feb 2008 Castleton - Danby
13th Jan 2008 Clay Bank East
1st Jan 2008 Captain Cooks
27th Dec 2007 Guisborough Woods
25th Nov 2007 Clay Bank West
11th Nov 2007 Guisborough Three Tops
21st Oct 2007 Saltergate Gallows
23rd Sep 2007 Cock Howe & Beyond
2nd Sep 2007 Pinchinthorpe Plod
21st Aug 2007 Guisborough Grunt
7th Aug 2007 Gribdale Gallop
24th July 2007 Roseberry Topping
3rd July 2007 Langdale End
19th June 2007 Whorlton Run
5th June 2007 Ossy Oiks
22nd May 2007 Fox & Hounds
13th May 2007 Lordstones (short)
24th Apr 2007 Carlton Challenge
15th Apr 2007 Gisborough Moors
1st Apr 2007 Eskdale Eureka
4th Mar 2007 Commondale Crossing
4th Feb 2007 Castleton-Danby
14th Jan 2007 Clay Bank East
1st Jan 2007 Captain Cooks
27th Dec 2006 Guisborough Woods
26th Nov 2006 Clay Bank West
12th Nov 2006 G'bro Three Tops
22nd Oct 2006 Saltergate Gallows
24th Sep 2006 Cock Howe & Beyond
3rd Sep 2006 Pinchinthorpe Plod
22nd Aug 2006 Ossy Oiks
25th July 2006 Roseberry Topping
8th July 2006 Guisborough Grunt
11th June 2006 Gribdale Gallop
20th June 2006 Whorlton Run
6th June 2006 Langdale End
21st May 2006 Lordstones (English Champs)
Lordstones - Summer Series points scorers
9th May 2006 Fox & Hounds
25th Apr 2006 Carlton Challenge
9th Apr 2006 Gisborough Moors
26th Mar 2006 Commondale Crossing
12th Feb 2006 Castleton-Danby
1st Jan 2006 Captain Cooks
27th Dec 2005 Guisborough Woods
27th Nov 2005 Guisborough Three Tops
23rd Oct 2005 Saltergate Gallows
9th Oct 2005 Pinchinthorpe Plod
6th Sep 2005 Cock Howe & Beyond
23rd Aug 2005 Ossy Oiks
9th Aug 2005 Langdale End
26th July 2005 Roseberry Topping
12th July 2005 Guisborough Grunt
3rd July 2005 Four Dales Challenge
28th June 2005 Gribdale Gallop
14th June 2005 Whorlton Run
31st May 2005 Castleton-Danby
17th May 2005 Clay Bank West
26th Apr 2005 Carlton Challenge
17th Apr 2005 Clay Bank East
10th Apr 2005 Gisborough Moors
20th Mar 2005 White Horse Wander
13th Feb 2005 Fox & Hounds Race
16th Jan 2005 Eston Nab Nee Knocker
1st Jan 2005 Captain Cooks Race
27th Dec 2004 Guisborough Woods
28th Nov 2004 G'bro Three Tops
24th Oct 2004 Saltergate Gallows
3rd Oct 2004 Pinchinthorpe Plod
31st Aug 2004 Cock Howe & Beyond
24th Aug 2004 Ossy Oiks
10th Aug 2004 Langdale End
20th Jul 2004 Roseberry Topping
6th Jul 2004 Guisborough Grunt
30th Jun 2004 Whorlton Run
22nd Jun 2004 Gribdale Gallop
1st Jun 2004 Clay Bank West
11th May 2004 Carlton Challenge
27th Apr  2004 Fox & Hounds Chase
18th Apr  2004 Clay Bank East
4th Apr  2004 Gisborough Moors
21st Mar  2004 White Horse Wander
8th Feb  2004 Castleton - Danby
18th Jan  2004 Eston Nab Nee Nocker
1st Jan  2004 Captain Cooks Race
27th Dec 2003 Guisborough Woods
21st Dec 2003 Poultry Run points scorers in Winter Series
30th Nov 2003 G'bro Three Tops result & analysis
26th Oct 2003 Saltergate Gallows
5th Oct 2003 Pinchinthorpe Plod
21st Sep 2003 Lockwood Bounder Full results
Lockwood Bounder runners only results
2nd Sep 2003 Cock Howe & Beyond
19th Aug 2003 Fox & Hounds Chase
7th Aug 2003 Langdale End
22nd July 2003 50th Anniversary Roseberry Topping
3rd July 2003 Guisbrough Grunt
24th June 2003 Gribdale Gallop
3rd June 2003 Clay Bank West
13th May 2003 Carlton Challenge
29th Apr 2003 Ossy Oiks
6th Apr 2003 Gisborough Moors Race
23rd Mar 2003 White Horse Wander
9th Feb 2003 Castleton-Danby
19th Jan 2003 Eston Nab Nee Nocker
1st Jan 2003 Captain Cooks
27th Dec 2002 Guisborough Woods
17th Nov 2002 Lordstones - comprehensive results
27th Oct 2002  Saltergate Gallows
13th Oct 2002  Pinchinthorpe Plod
22nd Sept 2002 Lockwood Bounder Full Results
Lockwood Bounder Runners only Results
3rd Sep 2002 Guisborough Grunt 
20th Aug 2002 Gribdale Gallop
6th Aug 2002 Clay Bank East
23rd July 2002 Dupont Roseberry Topping
11th June 2002 Whorlton Run
2nd July 2002 Guisborough Uphill Mile (Man vs Bike)
18th June 2002 Fox & Hounds Chase
30th May 2002 Cock Howe & Beyond
21st May 2002 Clay Bank West
7th May 2002 Carlton Challenge
23rd Apr 2002 Ossy Oiks
7th Apr 2002 Gisborough Moors Race
24th Mar 2002 White Horse Wander
3rd Mar 2002 Scarborough Raincliffe Woods
10th Feb 2002 Castleton-Danby
20th Jan 2002 Eston Nab Nee Nocker
1st Jan 2002 Captain Cooks
27th Dec 2001 Guisborough Woods
2nd Dec 2001 Gisborough Moors Race
18th Nov 2001 G'bro 3 Tops - 2001 NE Fell Champs
14th Oct 2001 Pinchinthorpe Plod
18th Sept 2001 Guisborough Uphill Mile  
3rd Sept 2001 Guisborough Grunt
14th August 2001 Guisborough Gasp
24th July 2001 Guisborough Gallump
3rd July 2001 Guisborough Gambol
8th Apr 2001 Redcar & Saltburn Sea Chanty
18th Feb 2001 Castleton-Danby
21st Jan 2001 Bernard Foulkes Memorial
7th Jan 2001 Pinchinthorpe Plod
1st Jan 2001 Captain Cook's Race
27th Dec 2000 Guisborough Woods
12th Nov 2000 Lordstones
8th Oct 2000 Saltergate Gallows
5th Sep 2000 Guisborough Grunt
15th Aug 2000 Gribdale Gallop
1st Aug 2000 Clay Bank East
25th July 2000 Roseberry Topping
13th July 2000 Whorlton Run
29th June 2000 Fox & Hounds Chase
6th June 2000 Cock Howe Up and Down
23rd May 2000 Clay Bank West
9th May 2000 Carlton Challenge
9th April 2000 Gisborough Moors
26th March 2000

Sutton Bank Slither

5th March 2000

Ossy Oiks

13th Feb 2000


23rd Jan 2000

Lackenby Limp

9th Jan 2000

Pinchinthorpe Plod

1st Jan 2000

Captain Cook’s Monument

27th Dec 1999 Guisbrough Woods Hill Races
14th Nov 1999 Lordstones
12th Aug 1997 Gribdale Gallop
22nd July 1997 Roseberry Topping
1996 - 2010 Gribdale Gallop results matrix (1996-2010)
Older Results available on request!